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PHP OOP Classes

MySql DB

UI Designs

Responsive screen
It's All About Responsive Design

We create our websites with the latest Technologies in web applications. And we make sure that all our sites are up to date. We use HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript and all the libraries.

Corporate Websites

Get a website for your company at an affordable price.If you need to show your services or products, we can give you exactly what you need.We can help your company reach its necessary audience. We are experinced in WordPress sites.

E-commerce Applications

Interest in buying online has seen its increase. If you want to sell your products online, we can give an e-commerce website. We are experts in Magento,CubeCart,OpenCart. We also have a lot of knowledge in Woocommerce.

Database Applications

We use MySQL Databases to store data for companies and individuals. If you need a similar application, do not hesitate to contact us. MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. With its proven performance, reliability, and ease-of-use for our clients who want to store data, MySql database is suitable

Classifieds Websites

Classifieds ads promote almost everything that people need. You can advertise for the sale of houses, cars,house rent,furniture,etc. You can also advertise job availability,popular travel destinations and great holiday spots. Contact us for great deal if you want to go into online advertising

Affiliate Websites

Many people are earning passive incomes promoting the services and products of other companies. If you want to have your own website to promote affiliate products and services, contact now for a cool deal

Our Porfolio

You can click on the image thumbnails to visit the websites

Belle Afrique Couture

This is an e-commerce website selling assorted traditional African Wears. The shop is based in Ghana.

NingBo Emmas

Wholesale for assorted products including clothes,shoes,electronic products,etc


An online Advertising website serving corporate Bodies and individuals

Bright Ocean View Wholesale

This is an e-commerce website selling assorted electronic Appliances.Click the link to start shopping.

Blue Glass Vision

This is an e-commerce selling Phone Accessories. Phones cases for Iphones,Samsung,Huawei,Oppo, etc. It's based in the US

JAE Legacy

Buy new and used cars from China and ship them anywhere.

Learn Faster Now

This is an online English teaching platform connecting mainly Chinese people to Native English Teachers.

AntCun Consultancy

This is a Chinese Consultancy Website based in Zhejiang Province

Alka Zon E-commerce

Buy assorted products from Alka Zon Online Store.Delivered to your house.

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