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Frank Jeferson

Owner of Jae Legacy

I didn't know anything about coding a website. When I heard about Coding Institution, I knew I was going to learn Something usefully new. I learned HTML,CSS,Bootstrap. Now I have designed a cute website for my business

Bright Benson

Owner of Bright Oceanview International NIG LTD

I was a complete norvice about how to write a simple html code.With the Help of Coding Institution, I now know HTML,CSS,Bootstrap and PHP. Now I have designed an E-commerce website for my business.

Zeph Macoy

One thing I can confidently is say that Coding Institution has increased my confidence. I can now feel confident when dealing with Computer Software related issues. I can only thank them.I can now boast of knowledge in HTML,CSS,and Twitter Bootstrap. I am getting ready to start JAVASCRIPT and PHP.

Eric Osei

Student at Yangzhou University, Yangzhou-Jiangsu Province

Being able to write simple html code was essential for my course at the University. Since my course at the University didn't offer coding, I had to look somewhere. Thanks to God I found you guys.

George Tama

Owner of Simeng Meng Technology Company

I needed to learn Twitter Bootstrap to change the User Interface of my company website. My website looks better now with the redesign. I have learned a lot from Coding Institution. I am really thankful for finding about. I also cherish our current relationship


Student at Yangzhou University, Yangzhou-Jiangsu Province

I really need to finish the Bootstrap Course. I am now confident with html and css. The confidence you guys have given is enough for me to be proud of myself. Now I can open my favorite code editor and start coding. Thanks you Coding Institution

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